The HookLogic Platform



One of the most unique and powerful qualities of the HookLogic Platform is its ability to give advertisers a clear view into how many sales are occurring as a result of their campaigns. This unmatched reporting combined with big data, powerful algorithms and machine learning make up the backbone of a new, better way to engage consumers.

Big Data

Our performance marketing platform collects data – a lot of data – as shoppers browse and buy on the most popular ecommerce sites.  Our goal is to know who will buy and when, then put our advertisers in their path.

Measurable Returns

By connecting directly to online shopping carts and even offline stores of our partners, we’re able to directly attribute sales to ads, providing a clear view into campaign impact and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

Enterprise Scale

Our geographically distributed, cloud-based infrastructure serves native content in real-time on many of the largest ecommerce sites in the world, ensuring flawless delivery and tracking.

The HookLogic Platform


Key Features

SKU Catalog

Our SKU catalog captures and unifies hundreds of millions of products with up to date pricing from major ecommerce sites all around the world.

Machine Learning

In order to balance the needs of our shoppers, advertisers and publishers we apply the most advanced technologies and techniques to predict outcomes and optimize results.

Advertiser API

Management tools and reporting for advertisers and agencies are accessible both through a user interface and a services layer that connects to third party media management platforms.

Publisher API

Our publisher API lets ecommerce sites and partners connect for relevant native ad content to seamlessly integrate into their own content in real-time. Make the call and we’ll deliver a relevant native product listing ad.

Service Tier

The service tier is where we make smart decisions.  For every impression we consider all of the factors – context, audience, profile data, advertiser goals, publisher yield – and make an optimal decision in milliseconds.

Big Data Warehouse

Data is the foundation of our platform. We store millions of data variables on consumer shopping actions in a secure, aggregated warehouse to enable pinpoint targeting, deep business insights, and many layers of intelligent machine learning.


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