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Product Brands

- Paid search on a network of retail sites – Be the first product seen, everywhere – Closed-loop sales attribution



- Paid Search on leading OTA’s – Be the first hotel seen, everywhere – Closed-loop sales attribution


Auto Dealers

- Intelligent test drive incentives – Deliver traffic to your showroom – Closed-loop sales attribution


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Investment banker Terence Kawaja of LUMA Partners passed along his latest chart on the ad tech world. This chart looks at the world of native advertising, which is a hot topic right now. Over email, Kawaja explains, “Given how consumers ignore banner ads, these new consumer – friendly formats are proving to be the engine for how marketers can engage audiences, especially in social and mobile contexts.” Kawaja’s charts are quite popular in the ad tech industry. They’re called LUMAscapes because they chart out the ad tech landscape. Kawaja himself is quite a character, as this photo of him in a racing suit shows.


Last year, Google made what was to some a surprising announcement: its previously free Google Product Search would become Google Shopping, which would ask a fee of product brands and retailers that wanted to be included in new Product Listing Ads. I can’t say that I disagree with Google’s decision. The company has hit on a solid way to increase both its revenue and its visibility as a retail platform, and the shift to pay-to-play has been considered successful — particularly for Google, but for e-commerce retailers as well.


Who he is: Armed with the belief that marketers could be most effective at their jobs — and most useful to consumers — if marketing occurred closer to consumer decision points, Jonathan co-founded HookLogic in 2004. What began as a bootstrapped start-up has now become a worldwide company that works with some of the most recognized online e-commerce sites to power integrated campaigns, native advertising, and promotional programs.


HookLogic, the global leader in commerce search advertising and premium provider of lead-generating incentive solutions for automotive dealers, announced it was named among the trusted providers in’s Certified Provider Program. As a member of this program, HookLogic gains visibility and credibility in front of the thousands of auto dealers that serves. HookLogic joins MS Cloud Services and Contact At Once! among the list of the providers that have proven qualifications including security and seamless integration with’s products and services.



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