Retail Search Exchange


MONETIZE Your Website with FEATURED Product Listings

Facilitate Shopping, and Advertising

Retail sites are the trusted, go-to source of information for shoppers looking to make purchase decisions. Retail Search Exchange by HookLogic allows ecommerce sites to generate additional media revenue while keeping the shopping experience completely seamless and leaving trade funds untouched.

Drive incremental revenue

Monetize 100% of your traffic by generating new, high performing media opportunities while protecting conversion rates.

Engage Shoppers

The only brands that can advertise on your site are the ones that already sell on it. All featured listings are relevant and click-in, keeping shoppers on their desired path to purchase.

Enable Search Marketing

Advertisers use their search marketing dollars to fund their Retail Search Exchange accounts. Because they are paying to advertise across an entire network, we’re able to ensure that co-op and trade funds are untouched.

Implementation is Easy

Featured listings plug into your existing site, in-grid with the product images that are already there. It doesn’t take long to get up and running – all you have to do is let us know you want to get started.

Advertisers Include


Give Brands a Proven Media Opportunity

Let Us Do the Selling

HookLogic is armed with a full staff of seasoned sales executives that build lasting and profitable relationships with your brands. Let our team showcase the next wave of performance marketing while you watch your revenue grow.

Your Data is Safe with Us

Advertisers cannot bid on individual sites, and ad performance is reported on an aggregate level. At HookLogic we work hard to optimize results across for every publisher and advertiser, and part of what makes this all possible is the network model that we use today.

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