Retail Search Exchange


Paid SEARCH on a Network of RETAIL Sites


Be the First Product Seen, Everywhere

Retail Search Exchange is a pay-per-click advertising solution that gives brands premium placement across a network of ecommerce sites. Put your brand in front of shoppers when and where it matters most.

First Page Placement

Across our network, the first page of results represents about 91% of all listing pages ever viewed by shoppers. Retail Search Exchange is a scalable and powerful advertising solution that gives brands the opportunity to own top positions across multiple sites.

Maximize Returns

Retail Search Exchange provides full accountability. With real-time reporting of key performance indicators including Return On Ad Spend and Sales, brands are able to precisely measure results at any time.

Pay for Performance

Pay only when people click on your products and visit your product page, indicating high purchase intent and engagement. You have complete control over what items you promote and how much you’re willing to pay per click.

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Closed-Loop Advertising for Brands

Through HookLogic’s proprietary partnerships with retailers, brands are able to track sales back to every dollar spent.


Know your Real Attribution

Until now, brands lacked visibility into the sales that ecommerce advertising generated. Closed-loop advertising is finally at your fingertips.

Click-In to Product Pages

Retail Search Exchange ad placements are as close to the ‘buy button’ as you can get.

Accountability at Scale

Shoppers have multiple browser tabs open at once. Here is your chance to own the top of every site they’re on while tracking resulting sales performance.

See How it Works

Watch the video to see how the Retail Search Exchange gives products top placement across a network of leading retail sites.


Advertise on THE Network of Retail Sites

Promote your products across our network through a single platform.  Follow shoppers as they navigate across sites.



Select Products

When you log into the Retail Search Exchange platform, you can instantly view and select the products you want to promote.  Your SKUs are already in our system.

Place Bids

Your bid is the maximum price you are willing to pay for each click on your ad.  You can change bids at any time.


See Your Ads Live!

Your selected products will then appear in featured placements across the Retail Search Exchange sites you sell them on. It’s that easy!



What Our Customers are Saying

“Being the first brand in ecommerce search results is extremely powerful. We’ve been using Retail Search Exchange for almost a year now and plan to continue to do so.”

William Dunn, Sr. Customer Business Partner, Kimberly-Clark Corp.

“Retail Search Exchange by HookLogic gives us a way to improve where our products end up in search results – which is something we never had control over before. It’s not only a great tool for increasing sales; it also enhances brand building in competitive, highly saturated product categories.”

Jay Kim President Idolian Mobile

“Retail Search Exchange moves our search marketing dollars closer to the shopper. It fits perfectly into our marketing mix without the need of additional time or resources – there’s no keyword research or creative asset creation needed on our end.”

Tena Crock Online Marketing Director Step2® Direct, LLC


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